Find the right products and sell on the spot in 2 minutes!
When a customer calls, often the simplest way to sell is to add items to a cart and proceed to checkout.
Add to customer account, pay with credit card or automatically issue an EFT payment advice to your customer.

"Quote" without quoting

A product request can be responded with a "formatted search"
Product range, pricing and availability is current at the time your customer clicks the URL.
Click here or here for a examples of a formatted search.
Search for a suitable range of products and email the URL to your customer for self-selection. 

eCommerce for IT service providers

Gartner claims that 80% of transactions will be online in 2020. 
Your class leading eCommerce portal will help move with the times (example).
Furthermore, we are in a a growing industry!  Gartner also forecasts IT spending in Australia to grow to 93B.  
All MSP's put together might do 10% of the SMB IT spend.  Let's sell more!

Glüh makes eCommerce simple and effective.
You always have control with an approval process for orders your customers place online.

Need to quote?

Quote the items you placed in the shopping basket with one click (more)

When it's simple to do, it gets done

Therefore, when a sale is simple, you will sell more!
The graph below shows the product revenue growth of the average gluh user after adoption:

Product revenue doubles in 5 months!

...even though this increase was not a strategic objective.  It just happens!