What is glüh?

Your customers love responsiveness: create templated proposals in 30 seconds.  Click here for a quick preview of proposals that were issued form a template in 30 seconds!

Furthermore, glüh enables you to answer client product queries from any device in an instant.  Try product search in the menu above. 

This means you save time (and your clients time) because often a product order will be taken right away without the usual quoting.  One glüh partner said “what normally takes 1-2 hours takes 2 minutes with glüh!”

More than the world’s fastest quoting tool with customer quote viewing analytics, glüh SaaS is an innovative sales platform with industry best GfK Etilize product information (Australian/NZ), very simple product search as well as automated procurement and eCommerce.

Reliability and speed are the cornerstone of operational efficiency and therefore profitability.  The processes honed over 28 years built into glüh deliver a substantial increase in process efficiency.  Even small transactions are profitable.

You may be interested in a brief overview of our Innovation history and why the glüh partnership is different from quoting tools at Why glüh?  

  1. Find products easier and sell much faster (less in the “too hard” basket).  What can take one or two hours with other quoting tools usually takes two minutes with glüh!  This means less quoting and more selling right away
  2. Online shopfront, properly “merchandised”.  A self serve portal your clients will love to use
  3. Full Australian GfK Etilize product information – the industry’s best (included in glüh's subscription)
  4. Take an order or quote on your mobile device (great for onsite service tech's)
  5. The industry's fastest system to use and near impossible to “stuff up an order”
  6. Your staff will love glüh.  Little, if any, staff training required to get going, much faster to use, and it works
  7. Automated purchasing
  8. Best of breed SaaS platform means easier to set up and configure; be running and integrated to your systems in one to two hours!  And with no server to manage, access glüh anywhere in the world
  9. Integration with industry best systems; ConnectWise, Autotask and Xero
  10. The people at glüh are very responsive and don’t muck around.  You get to deal with reliable people that are experts ;)

The team at glüh are excited to join you on the journey of excellence in product delivery to your customers!

Subscription commitment is monthly.

Visit www.gluh.co to for subscription pricing and a free trial signup.